Join fellow collectors, investors, hobby and business leaders at three unique MINT Collective events designed to expand your network and build great connections.

Thursday Night Kickoff Party

Join us on Thursday evening for a kick-off party at the MGM Grand. Transport back in time to a true place of beginning and nostalgia for fans of the hobby. Reminisce and browse the memorabilia on display then transport to a speakeasy environment where guests can enjoy some dinner, drinks, games and lively music. Perhaps you’ll find the custom MINT Collective cigar roller and get a take away or two. The night will be capped off with a great surprise for which we’ll share more details soon…..

Friday Night Marketplace Sneak Peek

If you want first dibbs on the cards or get your cards submitted to PSA early, Friday night is the time to do so. All 4-day MINT Experience ticket holders will have access to an evening of cocktails and cards on the marketplace floor. It will be a great time to connect with the hobby and let a few deals fly.

Saturday Night Collectors’ Carnival

Join us Saturday evening for our second annual Collectors’ Carnival. Returning to the MGM this will be an evening to celebrate the hobby and let off some steam from a hard day of buy-sell-trades on the marketplace floor. As the marketplace closes the Collectors’ Carnival begins and not by coincidence, so does the second game of the NCAA Final Four Championship. Guests will be able to watch the game, enjoys some food and drink alongside a room full of entertainment as only Las Vegas can provide. Just remember, the Marketplace opens early on Sunday and we’ll be back at it all over again.

Schedule at a glance


10am – 8pm Vendor Registration
10am – 8pm MINT Experience Credential Pick-Up
6pm – 9pm MINT Experience Kickoff Party


8am – 8pm Vendor Registration
8am – 8pm MINT Experience Credential Pick-Up
10am – 5:30pm Dynamic Panels & Workshops
7pm – 10pm VIP Marketplace Sneak Peek


8am – 9am Marketplace Early Access
9am – 6pm Public Marketplace Hours
6pm – 9pm Collectors’ Carnival


8am – 9am Marketplace Early Access
9am – 6pm Public Marketplace Hours


*Times subject to change