Exclusive, insider panels featuring the world’s foremost experts on sports collecting & investing – designed to help you get ahead of the game. See the full list below!!

Thank you to all speakers that participated in our Vegas event from March 25-27! Below is a quick summary of the weekend’s Signature Sessions. Can’t wait to see you next year!


7:15PM-8PM – Preview Event: Local Card Shop Owners Cocktail Party, Discussion and Q&A

Join local hobby heroes at the Collectable booth to kickstart your Vegas weekend the right way!


8:15PM-9PM – Case Study: Becoming Cardboard Millionaires

Personal question… are YOU in it for the money? Peek the rules, tricks and techniques used by some of the most passionate collectors in the space to build a PC with a healthy bottom line – and learn how they balance passion with profits.



9:45AM-11AM – Opening Keynote: A New Hobby Era? How & Why Billions are Flowing In

The titans of the industry demystify the (big) business behind sports collectibles today, break down the trends they expect to see next, and dive into what this means for the hobby. Don’t miss your seat at the top table!

11:30AM-12:30PM – The Future of: The Breaking Business

Breaking is blowing UP. But what does it take to survive and thrive in this new wax world order? What are the do’s and don’ts? And – most importantly – what do you need to come out on top?

11:30AM-12:30PM – The Future of: Authentication and Grading

In today’s hyper-growth hobby trust is both more important – and harder to maintain – than ever. This is your unprecedented chance to hear from its guardians on their plans for 2022 and beyond – expansion, artificial intelligence, backlogs and more!


1PM-2PM – The Power Of: The Art of Cards (by Card Ladder)

Sports cards are more than monuments to players – they’re iconic pieces of cultural history. Learn how art has powered the evolution of wax, how new kinds of creativity will drive its future, and how you can think about collecting in a completely new way!


2:30PM-3:30PM – The Bull Case: Why Sports Collectibles Are Legitimate Alternative Assets

Retail and institutional investors are FLOODING into the hobby. Discover how and why they are investing (and reaping big returns) direct from those spearheading the charge – and make your own decision on whether this is good or bad for the hobby!


2:30-3:30PM – The Future of: The Card Shop (by Card Ladder)

Wait… when did bricks & mortar become the future?!? Find out why some of the hobby’s most innovative minds believe in a new kind of connected, culturally relevant card shop – and are going all-in in a post-pandemic world!


2:30PM-3:30PM – How To: Buy & Sell Smarter in 2022

Unprecedented access to technology and media have completely transformed buying, selling & trading in 2021 – learn how you can harness this power to get ahead of the curve, and when you should shut out the world and trust your gut instead!


7PM-7.45PM – Case Study: The Rise of the UFC

In just 25 years, UFC boasts one of the fastest growing and most engaged fan bases in all of sports. Hear from the UFC Leadership as well as their top partners on how this has translated into a highly successful and quickly growing collectibles business.



9AM- 10AM – The Future of: Sports Memorabilia & Storytelling

Psst! Whispers are that the smartest collectors are spending more money on memorabilia… Find out why – and why now – from the leading voices in the space and the athletes whose stories are powering it!


10:30AM-11:30AM – The Power of: Building Community, the Foundation of the Hobby

With the hobby changing faster than ever, today’s collector is searching for connections – not just cards. Meet the pioneers building communities that care, and discover how connectivity is powering innovation!


10:30AM-11:30AM – The Power of: Creating Authentic Content (by Card Ladder)

Something amazing is happening at the grassroots of the hobby: collectors are connecting in unprecedented and new, diverse voices are emerging. Get inspired by the rainmakers building their communities on uncompromisingly authentic content – and discover the motivations that drive them.


10:30AM-11:30AM – The Case For: Buying Grails & GOATS

In 2021 there were more record sales than in any year previously. Learn the psychology behind what drives these assets and long-term investability of these iconic items.


11:45AM-12:45PM – Closing Keynote: Data, The Hobby & The Future (by Card Ladder)

The arrival of ‘good data’ means the hobby is never going to be the same – but that’s ok, it can be better! Josh Luber breaks down the state of the hobby with the Card Ladder team – a session not to be missed!